LAGERBOX is cooperating with Brownfield24

Cooperates Brownfield24

If you frequent the “Brownfield24” website, you have probably seen the news already: LAGERBOX will be cooperating with the Brownfield24 website in the future. In the following, we will give some details on why we took this step and what the website does.

Generally speaking, Brownfield24 is a networking platform for brownfields and revitalisation projects. By cooperating with them, we hope to make fresh contacts to find suitable properties for us and to find external know-how in order to make our projects more efficient, more sustainable, more economical and more ecological.

What does that mean exactly?

The main focus of the website is to reactivate old properties and buildings. They make sure that business customers like us find these properties and use them. By doing so, the website is contributing to a goal set by the federal government: to reduce land usage to under 30 hectare per day by 2030. This is one measure that aims at making Germany more sustainable. Brownfield24 brings together many companies that wouldn’t have cooperated otherwise.

They also showcase the companies that they partner up with on their website. As a real estate industry player, LAGERBOX has now become on of those partners. Additionally, many of our goals are aligned.

Issues of sustainability have become more and more important at LAGERBOX in recent years. This development is underscored by projects like the one at our location in Cologne-Ossendorf, where we are aiming to reach energy self-sufficiency through using solar power. We have given us 5 years to complete this project.

Location requirements for a LAGERBOX expansion

  • Cities with a six-digit number of inhabitants
  • Good visibility from main roads
  • Easy access with cars and public transportation
  • Property sizes approx. 3,000 to 8,000 m²
  • Existing buildings with approx. 5,000 to 8,000 m² GFA
  • Immediate proximity to urban centres and residential areas

A contract could look something like this

  • buying
  • renting
  • leasehold
  • hire-purchase

    Our expansiondepartment will happily provide you with further details.
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