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Rent self-storage in Munich

The Bavarian capital is known for the Oktoberfest, the local football club as well as for the highest rents in Germany. It often happens that the residents of Munich are more likely to afford one or the other room less and store more for it. If it is also conceivable for you to place your furniture or tools in a safe, dry place, because you do not have enough storage and storage space yourself, do Selfstorage!

What is self-storage?

Self-storage in München

If you are wondering what exactly is meant by it: Self-storage is a modern, flexible and secure way of self-storage in Munich. There, but also in many countries of the world, the concept finds many friends. They like the simple and flexible use of much-needed storage space and that this urgency can be possible within a very short time. We offer to move into the self-storage warehouse even on the same day!

Self-storage in Munich - how does it work?

Store furniture in Munich

If you also want to rent storage space quickly and easily in Munich, we would like to describe that this can not only happen quickly but also very simply and uncomplicatedly with a professional provider:

  1. Contact one of our partners for self-storage in Munich
  2. Specify the size of the storeroom and the rental period
  3. Sign contract
  4. Load everything and drive to the self-storage
  5. Unload everything and load into the storage space

It can be just as easy for our partners and us for self-storage in Munich. But it is more than easy; self-storage is also very flexible.

Rent storage space as long as you want

Apartment not ready yet

Self-storage not only stands out for its great simplicity but also for its very customer-friendly flexibility. We focus on the storage time according to you. You can move in quickly, stay for a minimum of just one week and then outsource again. It is the model of short-term needs, for example, at fairs or when the new apartment is not finished. Of course, any self-storage provider will also be happy if you use a storeroom for a long time, such as when you store seasonal demand, go on a world tour or store your tires.

What can self-storage cost?

Costs for  self-storage

Just right then talk to your provider something about discounts. These are basically possible with LAGERBOX, but especially for long-term storage, you can hope for financial support from many providers.

The cost of self-storage is actually based on only two primary factors, the period in which you store your stored goods and the size of the storage space that you want to reserve. Both together (any discounts considered) will result in your unit price. It can be paid on a monthly basis and, for most providers, also easily via the usual payment methods.

Can I rebook the self-storage in Munich?

The data that will then be contractually determined when you move into the self-storage space are not that solid and incontrovertible: If you need more space and/or time, or if you need less, then every reputable provider is accommodating. Self-storage is just flexible and depends entirely on your needs.

What is allowed into a self-storage space

What is allowed into a self-storage space?

By and large, that also applies to what you store in your storage space. "By and large" because there are already exceptions in self-storage. For example, you are not allowed to house plants, drugs or weapons with us, which in principle also goes without saying.

Otherwise, self-storage in Munich offers you a lot of freedom; you can store your furniture (2306), store wine or have your bike overwintered. Also as a tire storeroom, you can use our storage units.

Foreign companies in particular benefit greatly from self-storage.

Store commercially in Munich

Store commercially in Munich

Of course, businesses are also always happy when they can rent urgently needed storage space. It applies equally to companies that come from Munich itself and want to expand their storage capacity. But especially foreign companies benefit significantly from the self-storage if they can rent their own and above all safe, dry storage for the duration of their activity in the city.

You should pay attention to this when self-storage

We have already named two of the most essential features of professional storage space, which you should pay attention to if you want to use self-storage in Munich:

  • Safety: Of course you want safe storage for your stored goods, which is self-evident and for many a significant reason for storage in a self-storage warehouse. Important are alarm-protected buildings, video-controlled corridors and of course lockable storage rooms, to which only you as a tenant have access.
  • Dryness: If you are in a basement or storing a garage(2327), you may be exposing your stored goods to weather, strong temperature differences or even moisture. The latter is urgent to be avoided to prevent consequential damage such as mildew, mildew or rust. A professional storage room is permanently dust-dry.
  • Cleanliness: However, you should not find dust in a rental warehouse when moving in. Cleanliness is also one of the top priorities in storage so that you can get back your stored goods even after prolonged storage as you have stored them.

Anything else to bring to the storage?

And that's what you have to do, and everything you need to bring along on the day you move in. A well-equipped self-storage facility will provide you with everything you need to pick and place on site. Here are the handcart, pallet truck and furniture mover. With these transport aids, pretty much anything that can be stored in a self-storage warehouse is portable. We have an interesting additional service for this phase of warehousing. Whoever needs moving materials, either to transport the goods to us or to gently pack them for storage, can conveniently purchase practical items such as moving boxes, stretch films, adhesive tape or cardboard knives from LAGERBOX.

Free transporter on the day to move in

Tip: At LAGERBOX, new customers receive a free van for the day to move in!

Self-storage is basically about an empty unit that you can book. LAGERBOX fills this room with service and comfort, and you have the opportunity, with our partners in Munich, to use the popular self-storage principle for yourself and your stored goods. Here you will find more information about what is possible for you.


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