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store christmas decoration

At LAGERBOX store Christmas decorations for low cost

At the latest when the Christmas tree vacates its position, you also clear away the Christmas balls. But where? How about a safe, dry storage room? Here is your Christmas tree decoration in good hands - just like the gifts that nobody wanted.

There is a time of year when you get together for three weeks on the ever-popular Christmas and decorates your own four walls with plenty of Christmas decorations. If you are one of the supporters of Christmas decorations, you know what we are talking about and how beautiful a gracefully decorated home can be. But then you also know that the ornamental Christmas time is followed by cleaning up again. The Christmas worlds say goodbye in packaging, boxes, and bags and then? What can you do with Christmas Balls and Lights that are no longer needed for the remaining eleven months of the year? What if the decorations for Christmas in the basement or the attic are always in the way and you ever wanted to keep track of the hodgepodge? Come to LAGERBOX, where you can store your Christmas decorations until the next celebration.

After Christmas first to LAGERBOX

Storing Christmas decoration

There are things you just do not always need. In addition to our offer to store various seasonal items, we also offer a safe, dust-free and well-air-conditioned place for everything you really need only during the Christmas season. As you know, in some households, the Christmas tree can even make it into the New Year, but most of the Christmas decorations are taken off most of them between Christmas and New Year. And while "between the years" most shops have closed, you can of course still stock up on your storage space and your excess Christmas items.

Therefore store the Christmas decoration at LAGERBOX

Store Christmas tree decorations

Because apart from the fact that you do not need them after Christmas almost the whole year, decorations are at the same time quite space-intensive. Christmas balls and similar Christmas tree decorations, lights, wrapping paper, straw dolls or the nativity scene, all of which can accumulate depending on the equipment to a mountain, which is not only hard to miss but in which you can not pass in small basements or attics. Therefore, you should come and visit us; we have enough space and a few service gifts that our customers can look forward to throughout the year:

  • Storage spaces between 1 m³ and 30 m² (if you also want to store something outside Christmas time)
  • Fast booking and short notice possible
  • Security through video surveillance in our buildings
  • Dry, air-conditioned premises
  • Long and convenient access by car
  • Drive-in-Area: store and outsource in the dry
  • Goods acceptance by our employees possible
Übrigens: Die Garage ist als Lager für Dekoartikel nicht zulässig. Übermäßiges Einlagern von Dingen in der Garage, die nichts mit Kraftfahrzeugen zu tun haben, ist eine Ordnungswidrigkeit und kann teuer werden. Mehr dazu hier.

Store Christmas decorations safely and with care

Safe and gentle: Your decoration will remain decorative with us

Above all, one point is important to many people who store their Christmas decorations: they want these things to be stored well, safely and gently. This is where one of our priority maxims comes in because at LAGERBOX we want everyone to always find their stored goods in the same condition in which they stored them. This effect is ensured by an optimal climate for the storage of various objects, not only for the Christmas decorations. Drought, optimal light conditions and constant temperature are significant for this. Our warehouses have a perfect climate, so the electric lights do not get wet, and Christmas balls do not fade in glistening sunlight. If you keep your Christmas decorations with us, it is still as ornamental as before for the upcoming festival.

Tips for wrapping Christmas decorations

We will gladly provide you with a suitable storeroom in your area, and we will now also present you some great storage ideas on how to perfectly prepare your Christmas decorations yourself for storage. It goes for Christmas tree jewelry and so fourth for about eleven months in the storage; there may be one or the other packaging supplement certainly only beneficial. And not only that: some of these ideas give some items a benefit that you might not have expected them to do!

Safely pack and store Christmas balls

Pack Christmas tree balls

Christmas balls are especially sensitive. They are made of paper-thin glass and are easily damaged by slight physical impacts. It is not only too bad regarding the Christmas tree balls but also produces many fine shards. Spare your Christmas tree balls such a fate and pack them directly from the Christmas tree in their new packaging. The following things are really convenient:

  • Egg boxes for smaller Christmas tree balls - free, with lid and stackable
  • Alternatively, cardboard boxes with inserted dividers have a similar practical function
  • Or take plastic containers of chocolate kisses or Kinderüberraschung surprise eggs - you'll save some packaging waste right away
  • The same applies to plastic cups, which are also very suitable as a Christmas ball container
  • For added protection, you can choose felt patches or tissue paper

Pack the Christmas lights securely

Pack the Christmas lights securely

And there are also some practical and ingeniously simple storage ideas for two other leading actors in the play of the Christmas decoration: Above all, the Christmas lights are a real test of patience in the Christmas preparations. The reason: It is tangled entirely and knotted not so if you wrap the Christmas lights neatly around a piece of cardboard. A hanger can also serve as a corpus here and save you hours of detangling.

Keep wrapping paper properly

At the same time, you can store your wrapping paper well in one of the convenient plastic bag holders for the wall or a cupboard. Also, clothes bags can be used for gift wrapping paper well and serve at the same time as an additional protective cover. Nevertheless, the paper is stored in our warehouses - just about everything - well, dry and protected from extreme temperatures. Then the next celebration can come!









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