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store seasonal needs

Store seasonal demand

You do not need some things all year round. If you want to store seasonal needs, you know this only too well. Fortunately, the storerooms of LAGERBOX are always in season! With us, you can rent low-cost units for storage all year round and conveniently store your seasonal items in self-storage. In our flexible and short-term rentable spaces, you get as good as everything inside. In the following, we explain to you, which possibilities open up for you with LAGERBOX.

These are the typical seasonal items

typical seasonal items

Many things, for example, for the weather-dependent outdoor areas, you do not need all year round. The seasons and temperatures are associated with many typical seasonal items that are no longer required at the end of the season. And then? For example, what do ice cream parlor owners do with their patio furniture in winter? Gastronomy is a good example of the regular need to store seasonal items. Excess chairs, tables, beer benches, parasols or partitions are extra at the latest with the beginning of winter. But as they come to light again at some point, it is recommended to store such furniture.

These are typical seasonal articles which are stored again and again with us:

  • Decoration articles (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)
  • Barbecue Accessories
  • Sporting goods (clothing, goals, balls, textiles - winter sports)
  • Swimming products
  • Garden furniture
  • Furniture from the gastronomy
  • Devices and machines
  • Winter and summer wardrobe
  • Construction materials

Our storage spaces are therefore ideal for those who want to store seasonally required for several weeks or even months seasonal needs. You can book flexible rental periods with us, obtain your storage unit at short notice and also check it out within a short notice period. This is just as good for private households as it is for various business customers.

Store exhibition stand

These are typical customers who always store seasonal items with us:

  • Swimming pools
  • Amusement parks
  • Fairground and public festival organizer
  • Associations
  • Gastronomy
  • Hotels
  • Trade-stand design companies
  • Gardening and landscaping companies
  • Building contractors

It is also interesting for you if you do not want to store your expensive garden tools in the arbor or the garden shed. Especially outside of the normal seasons, gardens are often visited by thieves. Useful if your devices are stored elsewhere! Such and of course all other interested parties who would like to store seasonal demand are well served at LAGERBOX. Because we offer self-storage with the most important ingredients: flexibility, simplicity, dryness and safety - and every season!









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