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Our services on tire storage

Who is not on the road with all-weather tires knows the subject of tire storage. From O to E, according to the rule of thumb, you use the respective tires of the season, i.e., the winter tires from October to Easter and the summer tires accordingly in the other half of the year. But where to go with tires that are currently not needed on the wheels of your car? Sure, you need a tire storage space, but not some! In the tire warehouse, you can do a lot wrong, but also a lot of things, as we will explain below.

Store at LAGERBOX tires - you'll drive well with us!

Store tires

The first thing you did right is to visit LAGERBOX online! You are not far from taking any further right steps to your tire storeroom with us. But before you go, we will gladly discuss with you the advantages you will enjoy when storing tires in one of our storage spaces:

  • Our tire stores are dry and clean
  • We offer the right light and temperature conditions (dark and cool)
  • Insured compare to your own basement or garage
  • No workshop costs for tire storage
  • Your tire warehouse is always available for you

How tires should be stored

In addition to the right light or climatic conditions in an adequate tire storage space, there are also a few rules for tire storage. Because it is not only necessary that the tires are not stored in damp or glaring sunlight, but also how they are stored:

  1. Tires with rims: Do not place, but hang or stack. The storage area is ideally not on or on the ground, but in the balance. Perfectly suitable is a rim.
  2. Tires without rims: also do not put and do not hang and - also important - turn about every 4 weeks. Here is a tire rack or tire holder on the wall.

Great that you have access to your storage unit with us almost at any time so that you can give your tires the monthly turn.

Store tires properly - that's why it's so important

professional tire storage

Proper tire storage is so important because tires are made of rubber, a material that behaves in unintentional ways in the wrong circumstances. For example, direct sunlight promotes aging of the tires. Even high temperatures and humidity have an adverse effect on the life of the tires; they can become porous and therefore unstable. Also contact with oils, fats or gasoline should be avoided during storage.

Prepare tires for storage:

  1. The latter should be removed before storage, so clean the tires properly - we recommend a mild soap suds
  2. Free your tires from foreign bodies that may be in the tire thread
  3. An increase of the air pressure by approx. 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure is also beneficial for a gentle tire storage
  4. To provide additional protection against light and moisture, you can also wrap your tires in specially designed tire covers and store them
  5. And do not forget to mark the tires so that you can remember their original positions on the vehicle

The right tires at the right time

The regular change between winter and summer tires is essential for safe traffic participation. If caught with the wrong tires by the police, you may face fines for misdemeanors. So that you are always on the road with the right tires, you should always keep the appointments for changing tires in mind. Of course, the traditional garage is always booked out in these weeks chronically, but most drivers just come to their duty to change tires.

That's why you better avoid the garage

at LAGERBOX your tires are insured

Has the tire been changed, do you think about storing your tires in your own garage? This is close, and the tire storage in the garage is also allowed. However, temperature conditions and possible humidity can negatively affect the durability of your tires. Besides, your tires are insured with us and stored in an alarm-protected building - in perfect external circumstances.









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