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store clothes

Properly store clothes - our best tips

If it is impossible for you to dispose of clothes, rather store them with us. You can also use LAGERBOX as a clothes storage and keep your clothes dry and safe until they are "in" again.

If you take off your clothes for a more extended period, they are welcome to move in with us. LAGERBOX offers the perfect storage for your clothes, safe, well conditioned and with protection against pests. It is suitable for seasonal clothing as well as for sports or work wear, or even if you just do not want to throw away the fondest fashion. We understand all of this very well and have therefore developed storage facilities in which you can theoretically store your clothing until it is "in" again next time.

Store clothes as long as you like

Store clothes

Yes, you can also wait for one or the other fashion cycle with us and store your clothes till then. Regarding time and storage time, we are entirely on your side. You can store clothes with us as long as you wish and need it. Starting from 1 week, you can rent a storage unit from us and then stay as long as you like. We can also help you at short notice. You do not have to inform us weeks in advance about your needs, but you can even rent storage space from us today.

Your time advantages with us:

  • Bookable at short notice
  • Short rental, from 1 week
  • Book long term saves money
  • Short notice period

Comfortable, easy storage

The booking of your garment is then not only fast and flexible but at the same time also quite uncomplicated. From the first moment, the storage space rent is simple and without big bureaucratic hurdles. We make self-storage what it is: a modern way to store things quickly, easily and flexible, always oriented to the wishes of our customers.

Accessible 365 days a year

Store winter clothes

Of course, such requests can not only be time-efficient and easy to book, but they can also be simply practical and comfortable handling of the storage space. From experience at our locations throughout Germany, we know how important permanent and straightforward access to your storage unit and the items stored in it is. Especially if you do not store clothes for a season or even longer, you need easy, regular access to your storage unit. On the one hand, we guarantee this on a timely basis, because you can enter your clothing storeroom with us during our opening hours and add or remove clothing.

Always happy to help

free transporter

You can always rely on LAGERBOX to help you with advice and practical help. Our staff members are present during the business hours and assist you with the acceptance of goods. In addition, you can access our hardware during storage: on the day you move in, you will receive a van from us free of charge, and you will also be able to use our transport aids free of charge. Also, we offer you the additional service of the moving shop on site.

Moving shop on site

Practical, well equipped and always good to use! All of our branches in Germany not only have their own premises for storing your clothes but also moving shops. They offer you the opportunity to stock up on very practical paraphernalia for moving and storage, such as garment boxes with a pole, packing material or dust protection films for the longer term and gentle storage of clothing that can only be useful.

How much storage space do I need? We help!

How much storage space do I need?

It is also handy to find out how much storage space you will need before storing your clothes. Many people like to overestimate the area that a storeroom needs to really accommodate all items to be stored. Here we can help you in four ways: Either you visit us on site and tell us what you want to store, you call us or send us photos by e-mail. You are also welcome to use our practical and free unit calculator to determine your space requirements in the clothing store. So you can be sure that you also book the place you need.

Your comfort plus with us:

  • Rent storage space quite uncomplicated
  • Without big bureaucracy
  • Free van on the day of your move
  • Free transport assistance on site
  • Assistance in receiving goods
  • 365 days access to the clothing storeroom
  • Moving shop at the location
  • Practical unit calculator

That's why we are the best clothes storeroom

LAGERBOX is the best clothes storeroom

In addition to these numerous advantages from our service area, however, we also offer advantages as garment storerooms, which are especially apparent in comparison with other potential storage options. Thinking about the alternatives, we think of the basement, the attic or the garage. However, there are quite a few space problems when you do not just want to store a few shirts and trousers, but really need your own storage area just for clothes.

LAGERBOX protects clothes from moth and mold

A much bigger problem with storing clothes in the long term is moths. The so-called clothes moth feeds on dander, but has no chance to penetrate our well-sealed rooms.

Another dreaded pest is called mold. The mushroom can make clothes completely useless, a scenario that you do not have to worry about on our premises. One of the basic requirements for preventing mold is dry storage at a constant temperature. Just as your clothes are stored with us, mold does not stand a chance.

Basements and attics are not a safe garment storerooms

The basement and attic can not offer you these quality features in terms of safe storage of your textiles and fabrics. There are different temperatures, there may be direct sunlight, moisture and thus mold or mildew, and even insects can easily penetrate through one or the other opening and nest in your clothes.

Attention: Clothes are prohibited to store in the garage

Store clothes in the garage

Unfortunately, the garage also fails as a clothes storeroom. Because there are not only similar exclusion criteria as in basement and attic, so higher mold risk, for example. The garage is also simply not allowed as a warehouse for everything. Only cars or motorcycles and their most important accessories may be stored here. The garage may not be misappropriated by law as an additional general purpose storage room. This is considered a regulatory offense.

Prepare clothes for storage

Prepare clothes for storage

Such adverse circumstances are not to be expected from us. On the contrary, if you store your clothes with us, everything is in perfect order. The famous DKST rule for garment storage is used automatically by us, as our storage rooms are just like that: dark, cool, clean and dry.

Besides, you can also do your clothes good! Also, we have some valuable tips for clothing storage for you in stock:

  • Only store clean clothes and garments: If your laundry allows it, you should wash the clothes at 60 °C before storing. So you remove everything that should not remain during the months of storage in the clothes, such as odors, skin particles and ultimately, of course, dirt.
  • Let it dry completely - a point that is actually quite clear: After washing, the moisture must be removed entirely from the clothing before it is stored; otherwise, it will promote mold and mildew. For this you can iron everything or dry it accordingly thoroughly, so cupboard dry. If you fold the laundry, you can use tissue paper, especially on sensitive fabrics such as silk, leather or organza, to prevent wrinkles and marks through buttons or zippers.
  • Dryness in fabrics and clothing makes them unattractive to moths and prevents mold. That's the way it should be, but you can specifically enhance the anti-insect effect by giving your clothes a specific fragrance. With lavender, cedar oil or no-oil you keep moths away. Simply put a few drops of the substances on a piece of wood or fill in a fragrance bag and position within the storage room - the well-scented moth protection is ready.
  • In general, it is advised to store clothing protected from light and airtight. Here LAGERBOX immediately scores again, because that's exactly how the conditions are in our clothes warehouses. There is always a pleasant climate for stored substances. Vacuum bags can add extra air density while saving up to 75% volume reduction.
  • It is also best to store shoes well-cleaned; otherwise, the fabrics will absorb the dirt. Also, you should also store shoes dry and stuff inside with newspaper. For the outer layers (especially leather shoes) apply shoe polish for protection.








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